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5326 Consultants, Inc. private investigations, executive security, and advanced tactical training



5326 Consultants, Inc.
3202 Shipping Avenue
Miami, FL 33133

Office: 786.505.3877
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SDVOSB - 5326 Consultants, Inc.  is a verified Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small Business

5326 Consultants, Inc.
is a verified Service-disabled Veteran-owned Small Business

In times of crisis and uncertainty, our people understand security from a wide range of perspectives. We have trained for war, been tested in combat and always fight to win.

The principals of 5326 Consultants, Inc. are experienced professionals. We have backgrounds in the civilian and military intelligence realms and in the world of diplomacy and foreign affairs. We speak Russian, Polish, Spanish, and French and have traveled and lived across the globe.

We possess specific experience carrying out sensitive tasks in both peacetime and combat contexts. We have worked with corporate clients, providing due diligence and risk analysis services in complex settings across the globe. We also have worked with private clients, creating and tailoring concierge services focused on extraordinary service and discretion to meet unique needs, ranging from ensuring the physical security of these clients and their families by defending against threats ranging from kidnapers to stalkers.

5326 Consultants, Inc. comprises intellectually curious individuals, and our combination of academic education, professional training, and work and life experience is exceptional. We have a deep knowledge of security craft coupled with strong substantive knowledge of global events and human nature. We are quiet professionals who prize and uphold absolute integrity and produce results characterized by excellence and value. The principles and standards of 5326 Consultants have and continue to set us apart from others.