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Payment Arrangements

If you are visiting us to make payment arrangements for services and/or an upcoming training course with 5326 Consultants, please follow the links below to make a payment. You are welcome to confirm that 5326 Consultants is a verified PayPal user before you conduct a transaction. Any transaction you execute will appear on your credit card or bank statement under the name PAYPAL*5326CONSULT.

Please note that the below payment is for 5326 Consultants training, consultation, investigation and security services. The required fees for firearms training  does not include the cost of range usage and ammunition (Personnel are responsible for their own ammunition and range fees). Florida sales tax are required for all services, other than training, and will be an additional fee charged upon receiving your payment. After receiving the confirmation of payment, 5326 Consultants will hold your seat for the scheduled block of training. Payments are non-refundable, and training cancellations must be received 24 hrs prior to the scheduled training event. On a case by case basis and/or if an unforeseen circumstance occurs preventing your course attendance, 5326 Consultants will credit your payment to be applied  during registration for future training events.

Participants who successfully complete this course of instruction are eligible to apply for the Florida Concealed Carry Weapons license and qualify to attend our advanced firearms training.

Counterterrorism Training

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